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Technology, COVID and …Good News?

In unprecedented, uncertain and frankly scary times like these, we need to stay informed. We look to trusted sources from for reliable guidance and while we try to steer well clear of clickbaiters and scaremongers, we certainly don’t want our pill sweetened either. We want the truth, the whole terrifying truth and nothing but that.

However, even in a crisis on this scale, there truly are reasons to have hope, reasons even to crack a smile.

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Marketers: So, we’re weeks into COVID-19 shutdown. What do we know?

Covid-19 lockdown is mutating from the shock and novelty it once was into the new everyday reality for marketers. Working from home, talking through a webcam to cagey and erratic clients, trying to save the now while keeping an eye on the medium to long-term. If you’re reading this it means you’re still keeping on keeping on and haven’t lost your drive (or, touch wood, your job). At the beginning of this crisis, we posted this roundup of some articles we found to be oases of calm and wisdom in what had become a scary world for marketers.

Three weeks on, we wanted to bring you some more pieces with real data on the situation as it has developed and advice as to how to respond.

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Coronavirus: As a marketer, what can I do right now for my brand?

These are, to say the least, unpredictable times. The sense of calamity many marketers are experiencing will mean some will be aiming simply to limit damage until this storm blows over. Others will aim to capitalize on the chaos to salvage some quick profit. We wanted to share with you some quality articles calling for cool heads and foresight and give you some actionable takeaways we found useful. We hope you’ll find them helpful too.