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NEW LAUNCH 🎉 Babuin 2.0

Take control of your ad spend using algorithms

Harness the most advanced algorithms on the market for your campaigns for optimizations of up to 80%

4,9 out of 5 stars according to 19 reviews

How sure are you that your ad budgets are being optimized?

The big players in digital marketing automatically manage your ad spend, BUT could you be getting more impressions views, clicks, leads or conversions with the same budget?

“Your campaigns simply aren't being optimized. That's why at MonkeyFlux, we help our clients take control of their digital media buying, getting them optimizations of up to 80%”

Luis Cabrero
Managing Director

Compatible with the world's largest ad ecosystems

Google Ads
Tiktok Ads

Intelligence is knowing when NOT to buy

We analyze every ad ecosystem in real time. Our algorithms know exactly when and where to buy. We're able to draw on thousands of managed campaigns to guarantee you the biggest optimizations on the market.

MonkeyBot 🤖

MonkeyBot is our digital trader. He's just like any other member of the team, except that he works 24/7 on your campaigns. His API connection to every ecosystem allows him to dynamically adjust bids to guarantee full delivery at the best price. He has a nose for price fluctuations and takes advantage of them with over and under-delivery stratagems.

Process unification

Managing all of your social networks at once has never been easier. Thanks to our campaign creation wizard, you'll have one easy setup system for all your campaigns and MonkeyBot will take care of automatically creating them on their respective ad managers.

Guaranteed optimizations

MonkeyBot manages your campaigns independently, guaranteeing different bidding patterns for each one of them. You can split campaigns by target to get even greater optimizations.

Advanced reporting

Deep-dive on every action MonkeyBot carries out thanks to our in-depth, automated reports, packed with metrics that will let you track your campaigns' progress in real time.

Dynamic Budget Allocation (DBA) ⭐

Your potential customer's social media usage is constantly changing, so why are you still setting the same budgets for each platform? Let our algorithm do it dynamically, spreading budgets across different ad ecosystems based on results obtained.

KPI-based ad spend

Impressions, clicks, views, quartiles, VTR, CTR, leads... whatever your KPI, let DBA's powerful algorithm find it in the most efficient way.

Daily ranking of your ad platforms

DBA analyzes your campaign objectives every 24 hours to create a ranking of those platforms scoring highest. It automatically redistributes budget for the next period based on performance.
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Babuin 2.0 NEW

Our new platform: more agile, intuitive and powerful than ever. We listened to you, turning your feedback into the game-changing features this version brings.


White label

Fully customizable with your company colours, logos and web domain. Make the platform yours. We'll make sure it keeps getting better.

Business models

Set business models for each ad account. Fully transparent model? No problem. Negotiated cost per action? We've got your covered!

Comparative analysis and benchmarking

Compare and contrast your campaigns, formats and platforms while leveraging market benchmarks categorized along a wide range of variables.

I'm thrilled with this tool. It's unlocked totally new services for my company. Easy to integrate. Truly intuitive. Fantastic usability.

Jose Luis Puigdengolas
Head of Paid & Social Media

Superb overall experience, would be happy to recommend them to others and now a integral partner for our business. The customer service throughout is excellent and the promises made in advance were all exceeded. Indeed, the post campaign care was also excellent and there was a real sense of collaboration and wanting us to succeed together.

Niall M.
Performance Director
People working on laptops

Fully-managed services

Let us do the hard work 💪

We know resources are limited. That's why we give you options. If it suits you to have your own team manage our tools, our intuitive self-service platform makes that simple. If you prefer, however, our team can handle everything so you can shift your focus elsewhere.

Dedicated team

100% dedicated to your business, our team of experts will integrate fully with yours.

Auditing tools

You'll get a record of every action carried out by each user.

Sales support

Our sales team will help boost your new business with presentations and sales support materials.

Experts at handling issues

We have a contigency response plan of action for each and every issue that can arise.

Phone, chat and email

Multi-channel support so you and your clients get immediate response.

Ad account supervision

Your ad accounts protected against errors or unwanted access.

Automated reporting

All the information you need, right to your inbox.

Liability insurance

Our team is covered by Civil Responsibilty Insurance.


Can't find the answer to your question? Contact our sales team.

The connections are carried out via each platform's ad manager. Our team will send access requests to each of your accounts and managers. As soon as they've been accepted you can begin optimizing your campaigns.

Our algorithms have a learning phase in which they compile information on inventory, costs and demand in order to make projections. Once this phase has been completed (normally after 3-6 days) you'll begin to see the biggest optimizations.

Yes. Our technology is agnostic and can be connected via API with any platform. We are currently connected with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, DV360 and AmazonDSP.

With MonkeyFlux, you don't need to worry about minimum spends or budget commitments. You can run campaigns both large and small scale. Of course, the greater the budget, the greater the optimizations you'll see.

That's up to you! We offer two usage modes; self-service, in which you and your team operate MonkeyFlux yourselves or fully managed, in which we take care of everything!

Yes. MonkeyFlux has its own API with a range of endpoints which allow you to extract all the information you need to a CRM, ERP or any other tool you might be using.

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Digital transformation and tailored product development

Do you have a project, an idea or need help digitally transforming your business? MonkeyFlux's team boasts expert engineers and software architects, data scientists and analysts, working in unison thanks to Agile methodology, meaning we can get your project off the ground in the fastest and most cost-effective way possible.

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