At the same time as we’ve been keeping an eye on the gradual de-escalation of COVID19-enforced lockdown in our beleaguered hometown of Madrid (are we finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel?), we’ve never taken our eye off how things are developing for our sector.


Digital marketing has been put through the wringer just like so many other industries, but the smart marketers out there have been trying to keep calm and see the opportunities within the crisis while also making sure that their brands’ message is on point. Today we want to share this article  by Chris Pash for, which suggests answers to both concerns.

The Big “If”

Pash points to a study by We Are Social and Hootsuite, whose message is that COVID-19 measures have “created unexpected opportunities for digital advertisers”

“The cost of digital advertising appears to have gone down at the same time that audiences are more likely to engage with adverts”

But of course, there’s the other, far-too-familiar side to that same coin:

“Most marketers are likely battling with downward pressure on their ad budgets”

For many of you, budget cuts (Marketing is still, sadly, seen as a cost centre in many organisations) will have left you in a situation where the fruit is hanging just out of reach. But the prize for convincing your brand that it needs to invest during this difficult period could be huge.

“if you’re able to secure budget – the current opportunities offered by digital advertising may be particularly compelling, especially compared to pre-pandemic performance,”

The only message for the “New Normal”

Let’s say you do manage to persuade your brand it needs to continue to speak to its customers – what should it be telling them?

We’ll leave with the very emphatic advice provided by Simon Kemp of We Are Social:

“Above all, brands need to demonstrate empathy, compassion, and sensitivity,

This is a time to think about how your company and its products can genuinely help others in their time of need. The emphasis should be solving problems, not selling products.

This could be about producing products and services that actively help to address current issues, such as Burberry making personal protective equipment for frontline medical practitioners, or LVMH converting its fragrance factories to produce hand sanitiser for French hospitals.

However, something as simple as creating content that helps everyday people to achieve their own objectives can also add meaningful value.”


It was interesting for us to see how some of the opinions and advice offered in the articles we’ve been sharing in posts over the course of this crisis have been reinforced by this latest update. You can check them out below:


In the meantime, stay safe and keep pushing. We’ll get through this.


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