Here’s why:


You may work for a big brand and are putting your YouTube campaigns in the hands of an agency. Or you may be a small agency or even advertising your brand on your own account, running campaigns or hoping to do so and overestimating the costs of using this format, which could in reality be much lower.


YouTube should be an indispensable part of any digital strategy. A technological solution could be the key to making it a more affordable format for your company to reap the benefits of.  

Recurring tasks are burning through your resources

And when running campaigns with Google Ads, these are unfortunately numerous.

Campaign creation takes a little getting used to, but it isn’t rocket science. However, it is time consuming and is were a lot of the human error that will cost your business in terms of lost investment and delays will come into the equation.

A campaign is useless without the in-depth reporting that must accompany it. But anyone who has had to seek out and compile the information their clients need knows that our friends at Google don’t exactly make the task easy.

Even once you’ve become a total pro at navigating the various menus, dashboards, tabs and interfaces to mine the data you need, it all takes man hours. And as more campaigns come in (as your business booms) these tasks consume more and more resources.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Adopting a tech solution to simplify campaign creation and automate recurring processes can save hours from the get-go. And these savings increase exponentially as your activity scales.

What you’re doing now

  • Creating campaigns on Google Ads manually (human error, manual creation of multiple yet very similar campaigns)

  • Extracting information from the not-at-all intuitive Google Ads

  • Creating Excel reports manually.

  • Transferring that information into PPTs built for clients that demand a more visual representation of data

  • Committing ever more resources to the above processes as scaling occurs

What a tech solution could do for you

  • Simplify campaign creation into a step-by-step, logical process that anyone can carry-out
  • Allow for duplication of campaigns at the touch of a button
  • Automatically extract and compile data into Excel spreadsheets
  • Automatically render PPT presentations
  • Automate reporting schedules to be sent to clients/ circulated internally
  • Allow for unlimited scaling with negligible increases in resources needed


Bidding on YouTube – you’re doing it wrong

Advertising space on YouTube is purchased using a bidding system not unlike the stock exchange. The cost of getting your ad in front of your target fluctuates. Normally the success of your campaign will rely on a trader or AdOps who will make adjustments to your campaign in order to try and get the best possible bang for your buck.

A tech solution can manage this process far more efficiently. Not only could it apply algorithms driven by AI/ machine learning to bidding on ad space, it can, crucially, do so 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And this way those savings are all yours.

What you’re doing now

Brand or small agency

  • Attempting to handle bidding yourself
  • Leaving it all in the hands of an agency at a price they set

Large agency

  • Hiring a team of traders and AdOps to manage bidding

What a tech solution could do for you:

  • Handle bidding with constant optimizations on a 24/7 365 basis
  • Achieve very significant optimizations in terms of CPA
  • Apply AI and machine learning to consistently improve bidding algorithm
  • Either remove need for Trader teams or allow those experts to focus on insights and strategy

At MonkeyFlux, one of the things our platform does is to manage all of the above and benefit both brands and agencies large and small. We built our solution and continue to develop it based entirely on what we hear from real people making their living in our sector. It was conceived to solve problems and put YouTube advertising within everyone’s reach.


Wasted resources should bother you.

Take the time to explore how a tech solution could improve things for you. Whether that means bringing this all-important format within your financial reach or redirecting existing resources to where they could better drive your business, what have you got to lose?