If your brand isn’t on YouTube, it probably ought to be. In this article, we want to show you why.

We’ll start by sharing a piece we loved that clearly and simply outlines video’s strengths as a format and how it’s become such a dominant force in digital marketing. Then we’ll share a couple of MonkeyFlux posts: one which talks about how, in the current COVID-19 climate, it’s imperative that your brand continue to have a clear and decisive voice and how YouTube is a better choice than ever to achieve this and another which dispels some misconceptions about the resources required to run successful campaigns on Google’s all-powerful video platform.

And even if you’re already using video, we can always use some inspiration and validation in our marketing strategy decisions, right?

Why video is king

In his article for Business 2 Community, Garry Grant gives us some of the main reasons video marketing has exploded in recent times. Of the ten crucial factors on his list (below), which of course contains some purely data-driven insights, many have a lot to do with basic human psychology:

  1. Videos are more personal
  2. More people are preferring to watch than read
  3. Enjoy more conversions and sales with video
  4. Video helps build that all-important trust
  5. Want more visitors from mobile? Make more videos
  6. Videos and social sharing go hand-in-hand
  7. Advertise on other videos
  8. Use video in your email campaigns
  9. It’s easier to explain things in a video
  10. Embedded videos increase dwell time

We’re sure there will be takeaways for even seasoned video marketers and for those still sitting on the fence about this format, inspiration to take that leap!

Now more than ever

In this post, in which we brought you a roundup of useful articles regarding how the COVID-19 lockdown has been affecting our industry, one point becomes clear: YouTube is a safe bet in uncertain times. One article urges marketers to ““Dive into display and YouTube”, while another talks about what the explosion in video consumption means.

“With so much of your audience spending more time online, now it’s easier than ever to find them while they browse the web, scroll their social feeds, and watch videos online.”

The message that brands need to be prudent but, crucially, not silent, is the other takeaway from our post. Video, with that power to speak to us on a human level that Grant drives home in his article, is the perfect format to carry your brands voice through the storm.

YouTube: too big an investment?

As a last shot of inspiration, we wanted to remind you of this post. You may be thinking YouTube is out of your reach because of the budget you have at your disposal or you may already be using it but are committing too many resources, either in terms of what you’re paying Google Ads or the amount of man hours it requires.

With the kind of savings the adoption of an effective technological solution can bring, it might be time to recalculate the cost of harnessing this format. Whether that means being able to scale exponentially at negligible increases in resources, or bringing something you considered too great an investment within your reach, this article is sure to make you rethink YouTube.


Feeling inspired?

We hope we’ve given you reason to get excited about YouTube. It’s a format that we as people engage with, that’s more relevant in these uncertain times than ever and that may cost a lot less than you think. So, what are you waiting for?

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